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In such a fast-paced and content-heavy marketing world, the make or break of your brand or company could depend on the consumers first impression. In simpler terms, the state of your website could be the deciding point of your success.

In this new technological age, a good quality website translates into validity. Relevancy and professional reputation often depend on a company’s ability to present an appealing and easy to use site.

If you want your brand to get off to a good start and have a chance of competing in this new media marketplace, an excellent way to start is by focusing on creating a reputable website.

So, what makes a good website? We’ve created a short and straightforward guide to understanding professional web design and what is most important to developing a website that people will visit.

The Aesthetic

In this “Instagrammable” culture, consumers place substantial importance on the look and aesthetic of a website. Creative websites with unique and eye-pleasing designs and fonts are sure to hook a reader right away.

An easy way to do this? Choose a color palette and complimenting fonts and be as consistent with these branding tools as possible. The best way to look aesthetic is to look cohesive. If the color scheme and fonts of the website changes in different sections or pages, it can seem like the company or business is unorganized and scattered.

Simple Navigation

This is going to be the component of your website that makes a difference between clicks and actual customers. Our culture is all about simplicity and efficiency, so navigating your site should be the same.

This is not the place to be creative. This the place to be as basic and traditional as possible. Customers want to be streamlined right to the information they desire, and the navigational menu is the place they do it.

Having 3-5 menu options is ideal, and make sure they are conventionally named. If you have trouble figuring out what is common, check out the websites of competitors and see the format of their navigation. It should provide you with a basic template for yours.

Quality Content

Quality content is the bread and butter of a great website. Take time to invest in professional images and well-written blog posts.

Blogs with engaging content and SEO campaigns can help to elevate your reach to the public by making your website more accessible through search engines.

Professional photography and logo designs give the appearance that your company is not a low budget start-up (even if it is). Bad quality images can lead the consumer to believe that your company is outdated and inexperienced.

The Bottom Line – What Makes A Good Website

There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet and chances are many of them are trying to market and promote the same things as you. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to create a high quality and professional website. Simply put, that’s what makes a good site.

Consumers are more likely to receive it well if you keep it simple, aesthetic, and engaging. Lucky for you, our services specialize in doing just that. Please feel free to get a quote if you think you could benefit from professional web design, development, and SEO.

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Evan Terrell

Evan Terrell

I'm passionate about creating conclusive user experiences that result in more conversions, increased growth, and business success. Leading through a pragmatic approach to balance form and function in an efficient and results-driven fashion.