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What if you could give your branding a boost with every new material you create?

It sounds like a dream for a small business. That dream will come true if the company can master graphic design essentials.

Graphic design is the key to transforming your company. Keep reading to discover our guide to essential design elements!

Graphic Design Essentials: The Basics

There is a basic idea behind graphic design that also underpins most business ventures: you get what you pay for.

Your small business may not have much money when you’re first starting out but trust us: it’s worth it to hire professional designers for things like logos, websites, and other materials.

Think of that money as an investment: it helps your business establish itself more quickly and enables you to build your brand more smoothly. Moreover, in the long run, it can even save money.

If you try to save money early on by hiring sub-par designers or letting unqualified employees do the design work, you’ll end up having to fix it later, and that will cost you both time and money.

Best to go ahead and spend the money on good design instead of trying to go cheap right out of the gate!

Good First Impression

The ultimate goal of good design is to improve KPIs such as customer conversion. However, you should imagine good design as more than a conversion aid: it’s the key to a good first impression.

Principles like the sales funnel are built on the simple idea that most customers won’t buy anything when they first encounter your website. It takes repeat visits and exposure to make them likely to convert.

Repeat visits won’t happen if you have poor design, however. Things like lousy navigation and poor layouts and graphics can instantly turn them off.

Hiring a professional will ultimately pay for itself and then some due to increasing your customer conversions over time!

Stand Out From the Crowd

In many ways, this is the best and worst time to start a small business. On the one hand, it’s easier to start a business than ever. On the other hand, you’re likely to have more competition now than you ever did before!

Good business graphic design means having things like logos that stand out from the crowd. This helps make you visually distinct in customers’ minds, which is the foundation for building loyalty.

Also, let’s not kid ourselves: good graphic design also appeals to the part of the human brain that prefers things that look very nice. If a customer is weighing the decision to buy from you or your competition, then a good design may be what pushes them over to you!

The Bottom Line

Now you know about graphic design essentials, including hiring the best professionals around. However, have you been introduced to the professionals you need?

At Hatchtag, we specialize in creating high-performance websites that turn small businesses into big businesses. To see what we can do for you, contact us for a free quote today!

Evan Terrell

Evan Terrell

I'm passionate about creating conclusive user experiences that result in more conversions, increased growth, and business success. Leading through a pragmatic approach to balance form and function in an efficient and results-driven fashion.