Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d Love To Chat

If all of your questions aren’t answered here, feel free to call or text (951) 428-4868, or find us on LinkedIn. If you’re in Temecula Wine Country, let’s go grab a tasting or have a coffee and see if your project is a good fit for us.

  • What services do you provide?

    Hatchtag is the total package! We offer top shelf design, development, and marketing for websites, web apps, and mobile apps, that will help your business succeed.

    We don’t stop there, though. A brand’s voice is just as important as its appearance. We help you establish and maintain a consistent voice across all promotional channels through our winning content strategies, creative content writing, and social media marketing.

    Hatchtag is innovative and agile because we take your success personally and because we know you can get web designers anywhere. That's why we're not anywhere. Hatchtag is right here. And we're not just web designers. We're more.

    Contact Us about a customized solution for your business.

  • How much does your top shelf design, development, and marketing cost?

    Although we think our services are invaluable, we understand that businesses have a budget. While our services have set amounts, we seek to serve as many as possible. We believe that top shelf branding, design, and development, like top shelf whisky, should be available to all with big dreams and great ideas. After you say go, we will do everything we can to work out payment or financing options that fit your budget.

    To get down to the brass tacks: We start at $999 down and $199 per month.

  • How do you accept payment?

    All of our invoices are conveniently sent in a digital format, to make billing and payments simple and efficient.

    We do not accept personal checks at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and pledge to make up for it with a sweet game of Jenga, or any great board game of your choosing!

  • How much are your brand and your reputation worth to you?

    We have taken great care to develop and curate our brand identity and messaging and want to help you do the same thing. This may sound like nebulous marketing language but we measured clear gains that directly correlate to greater returns on our investment in our own branding and for the branding of our customers.

    Professional design, development, content, and marketing are an investment in your business. Unlike television commercials, newspaper ads, and billboards that are only useful for short-term promotion, your online presence is permanent, yet flexible and will pay off for years to come. You can’t say that about many business investments!

    We’d love to talk to you, so call us or shoot us an email about the ideas you have for your business.

  • So-and-so charges less. Can you match them?

    Unlike products, professional services cannot be price matched. Every design, development and marketing firm has different skills that they bring to the table. At Hatchtag, we have a talented creative team, deeply invested in seeing our clients succeed. We help you captivate, connect, and convert to grow your business.

    We don’t take on more clients than we can handle. We carefully craft each and every solution to be unique, attractive, and engaging.

    So, the simple answer is no, we don’t match our competitors’ prices. You will find, however, that our competitors can’t match our creativity or our client-centered approach. We are one of the few agencies that seek to combine form, function, and fame. Meaning we design for aesthetics, develop for user experience, and tag for search engine ranking.

  • How long will my project take to complete?

    On average, project timelines vary from 30 to 60 days, though Rush Service is available. Rush, the band, is no longer available as they retired in 2016. The length of time required for the project largely depends on the goals and complexity of the project and the responsiveness of the client.

    Once we launch, our relationship is not through. Like spandex undergarments, we are here to support your project entirely. Slick and form fitting like a friendly hug. For a more accurate estimate of the time it would take to complete your project, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • Can you start right away?

    Take it easy! We've only just met.

    Ok, you've wooed us! We may be able to start on your project quickly but we only accept a handful of projects at any given time. This ensures that all of our clients get the service they deserve. At Hatchtag, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and random trivia knowledge, but we also take exceptional care of our clients. That is why our customers and our team are so excited about our work!

    Contact Us to find out when we can begin your project. We’re excited about working with you!

  • You're in a different state. Will this affect things?

    No way! From Pomona to Poughkeepsie, and Pierre to Port Arthur, we've got you covered. We can meet face to face through the online portal of your choice, though we favor Google Hangouts; or, if you're looking for a real live handshake, consider having us out for a design sprint. After all, have WiFi, will travel.

  • You’re in a different country. Will this affect things?

    Nope! You’re in good hands, whether you’re right here in Southern California, or thousands of miles away. In fact, we have some clients from other countries, thanks to referrals from our satisfied customers.

    Clients that are close to home are welcome to meet with us face-to-face, but we are also more than happy to communicate via telephone, Google Hangouts, and email, too. Digital communication is a great time saver!

  • Will you use current trends for my designs?

    We believe in offering our clients the greatest value for their money. Hatchtag works to create top shelf branding, design, and development projects that are timeless because we don’t want your design to be out of date in just a few years. With just a few minor modifications or revisions to the design, layout, or content, most businesses can expect to use their one-of-a-kind website, designed and developed with by Hatchtag, for years to come.

We are not routine; Hatchtag is innovative and agile.

We are not routine

Hatchtag is innovative and agile

We approach your project with laser-focus from multiple angles. Online and offline considerations all play a role in determining how to get to the best outcomes. We believe that hard problems make great software. Get started today and dominate tomorrow.

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