About Hatchtag

About Us

We Dream Big And Build Bigger

We strive to be a resource so that business owners can learn strategies to generate business in the digital sphere. We seek to close the performance gap between enterprise-level services, and design, development, and marketing for small biz.

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What we do: Design, Development, and Marketing

What We Do

We design, develop, and market our way to success every day. We do it to make an impact in our community, and we have a lot of fun doing it. If that sounds like awesomesauce to you, then we should work on your next project.


Great design is not just how it looks, but how it works and feels. Your new project will be beautiful and functional. Make an awesome impression.

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Creating digital destinations that drive business is our specialty. We turn hard problems into great software. Let’s build something great.

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We save you time and money with our innovative approach to high return, low investment digital marketing. We build campaigns that scale business.

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Meet The Makers

Hatchtag, like many good ideas, was born out of frustration with the status quo. We realized that to have the maximum beneficial impact on our community, we had to stop being wage earners and become owners. Now we decide how our work can make an impact.

Catfish Curran: Co-Founder, Marketing Technologist, Wordsmith, and Rhymesayer

Catfish Curran

Co-Founder, Marketing Technologist,
Wordsmith, and Rhymesayer

I attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, performed in a touring hip-hop group, and now spend much of my time hiking, reading, painting and singing with my small army of four world-changers in Murrieta, CA.

Evan Terrell: Co-Founder, UX / UI Designer, Developer, and Gearhead

Evan Terrell

Co-Founder, UX / UI Designer,
Developer, and Gearhead

I dream of wrenching on amazing automobiles when I’m not working on my gaming app. In the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains, my wife, children, and I play face-melting Guitar Hero solos and plot world domination.

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Call On Us To Ignite Your Business Revolution

We will never stop helping you improve your digital presence. We started Hatchtag not because we needed work but because we needed something to work toward. We strive to enable you to have an impact on your community by helping you become more successful. Let's go!

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